All of us are dead Actor In Jae Hyunk still work works part-time job even the drama was superhit in Netflix



The hardworking guy of All of us are dead korean drama 

In the most recent episode of tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block,' which was communicated on March sixteenth, Im Jae Hyuk, who assumed the part of Yang Dae Soo in the Netflix unique series 'We all Are Dead' showed up as an extraordinary visitor.

On this day, Im Jae Hyuk discussed the adjustment of his popularity by saying that the quantity of his Instagram adherents expanded to 680,000 since the shooting of 'Us all Are Dead.' However, he drew consideration by uncovering that he was as yet bustling working seasonal positions.

Im Jae Hyuk said, "I was in any event, functioning as an assigned driver four days prior."

Despite the fact that 'We all Are Dead' turned into a sensation all over the planet, Im Jae Hyuk was proceeding to work seasonal positions. Along these lines, Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho inquired as to whether it would be OK for Im Jae Hyuk to enjoy some time off from the seasonal positions given the monstrous fame of the show.

Im Jae Hyuk answered, "Aside from the dramatization getting along admirably, there's nothing unique that changed about my ledger." He said, "I spend between 900,000 KRW and 1 million KRW (742.48 USD - 824.98 USD) for a month's lease and everyday costs, so I'm simply attempting to acquire that much. The month to month lease is around 400,000 KRW (330 USD) a month, so I just need to do 5 parttime messenger occupations, and I can labor for possibly 14 days to make 600,000 KRW (495 USD) a month for everyday costs.

"Im Jae Hyuk also revealed that he has done many part-time jobs such as working at a fish store, a butcher's shop, a restaurant server, and working at a mart, so there is no part-time job he hasn't done.

When asked about the best part-time job and the most difficult part-time job, he answered, "The best, and the hardest part is working as a paid designated driver," and talked about the difficult moments he experienced while driving

He said, "I need to manage a tipsy individual, so there was a period I called to say I was coming and ran for a kilometer, however the client didn't pick up the telephone. The metro was going to quit running soon, yet I continued to call and he picked up the telephone. However, when he replied, he reviled at me saying, 'On the off chance that I don't pick up the telephone, you ought to have perceived that I needn't bother with your administration any longer and you ought to have dropped and disappeared." around then, the metro previously quit running, so I went to the general store to eat cup noodles hanging tight for the late-night transport."

He proceeded to make sense of and added, "/went to the military, however I needed to live once without help from my folks. My folks advised me to let them know when I was struggling, yet I let them know I had cash. I would have rather not make it challenging for my folks."